viernes, 17 de abril de 2009


To develop hamstring strength. This important drill helps to prevent hamstring muscle tears and strains, which are among the most common rugby injuries. The drill replicates the eccentric (lengthening) movement associated with high-speed running and deceleration. It is a difficult drill, so be patient: Do not expect to achieve much range, and be prepared for postexercise stiffness in the hamstring when you introduce it into your program.

Kneel on a soft surface with your feet anchored by a partner or bench. Keeping your trunk straight, slowly lean forward to a manageable distance before slowly returning to the start position.

Key Point
Avoid flexing at the hips.

To start with, you may find you need to put your hands down after leaning forward to assist with returning to your start point.

Thanks to my friend Paul Pook (U.K.)

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