martes, 10 de noviembre de 2009

Balance & Stability

1. The counterbalance required in a mini-scrum - 1v1.
2. The front-row when set as a unit of three - heels up off the ground. This is a balancing act.
3. The full scrum set immediately prior to engagement - minimises the opportunity for adjustment after engagement, increasing the stability of the unit.
4. The stance and body language of the lineout jumper and supporters prior to the jump and support - preparation for the jump and support.
5. The hooker immediately prior to the ball being thrown in to the lineout.
6. The stance and body language of numbers 10, 12 and 13 - especially from set play.

1. The counterbalance required when driving forward, on contact, when in possession – feet approximately shoulder width apart, using ‘tractor steps’.
2. The balance and stability displayed when ‘cleaning out’ opposition at the tackle.
3. The preparation for contact, and balance and stability required when entering rucks and mauls.
4. When the ball carrier pivots out of the contact situation - dynamic balance and stability is required to execute the ‘hit ‘n’ spin’. This is an advanced skill.
5. The pick ‘n’ go and leg drive.
6. The jump, support and descent of the jumper in the lineout when three players skills, athleticism and co-ordination, compliment each other.

“The art of playing the game on your feet”

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