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Case Study

The following is an example of test results from a professional athlete, along
with a suggested interpretation of the results.

The athlete suffered a left hip fracture one year prior to testing. History also
includes repeated right ankle sprains and occasional low back pain. There is
no present pain, and the athlete is cleared to play.

Testing Results
FMS Overhead Squat: 2. Displayed lack of mobility in the right ankle/right
hip/thoracic spine.

FMS Hurdle Step: 1 for right, 2 for left. Displayed inability to balance on left leg, thus could not complete the movement. External rotation of right leg during left leg stance along with extreme lateral trunk flexion to the right side further indicates instability and lack of mobility in the left hip and core.
FMS Lunge: 2 for both right and left leg. Displayed a mobility deficiency in the right lower leg and a stability issue during left leg stance.
FMS Straight-Leg Raise: 2 for both right and left leg. Adequate hamstring flexibility but further displayed hip mobility issues.

Hop & Step
%Left %Right Symmetry
87 81 8

%Onto left %Onto right Symmetry
120 106 14

The FMS score showed there is a lack of stability in the left hip and a lack of mobility in the right ankle. In the Hop & Stop, there was a lack of adequate force production in the right leg along with a symmetry score greater than five. The leap score onto the right leg indicates a need for force absorption work. The leap symmetry score was well above five and is therefore an area of serious concern. Foot and arch evaluation was normal.

Training Suggestions
Week 1:
■ Implement mobility development strategies for the right ankle/hip/thoracic spine, stability strategies for the left hip and core, and begin deep squat progression routine.
■ Teach core stability exercises.
■ Include single-leg squat appropriate exercises for both legs with a higher weekly volume on the right leg.
Week 2:
■ Add lunge and return series and alternate legs (force absorption), have right leg step on mini-slant board to further help turn on calf muscle.
■ Add advanced core exercises as right leg mobility increases and left hip stability increases.
■ Begin single-leg drop and stop progression on the right leg.
Week 3:
■ Include multi-directional lunge and reach at knee level with a higher weekly
volume on the right leg.
■ Advance to hop and stop progression on both legs.
Week 4:
■ Retest.

(c) Best Foot Forward.
Photo: IRB.

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