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Running & defending - Bull Dog.

- Large grid of 30m x 30m
- All players in one large group
- Start with five nominated defenders in a line in the middle of the grid
- All other players line up along one edge of the grid.

On the coach’s call, all attackers try to run past the five defenders to reach the opposite edge of the grid. The defenders attempt to tackle the attackers as they pass by touching them with two hands on the waist.

Those attackers who are tackled join the defenders and, on the call of the coach or teacher, the remaining attackers try again to run back to where they started. Continue until there are only a few, or no, attackers left.

Coaching Points


• Look for space
• Dodge the defenders

Coaching Points


• Keep the head up - focus on the waist of the ball carrier
• Defenders try to defend as one line - defend as a team

Harder(for the defenders):

Defenders have to run and touch the side line when they have made a tackle.

Easier(for the defenders):

Attackers must hop on one leg.

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