miércoles, 29 de febrero de 2012


There is no doubt that the offload is a great way to breakdown an opposition defensive line.
There is no conclusive evidence, however, that proves that teams who execute this potentially devastating skill are better off.
In 2011, the Brumbies executed the offload more than any other team and yet they achieved limited success in terms of chalking up wins on the board, whereas conservative teams such as the
Stormers are not great exponents of the offload and yet they finished second on the competition ladder.

Despite the evidence suggesting that offloading doesn’t necessarily lead to success, it is safe to assume
that offloading is becoming fashionable in the grassroots levels where players are attempting to mimic
the Quade Cooper’s and the SBW’s of the world.
Coaches must therefore address the skill, teaching the players how offloading fits within the team frameworks, to ensure that this high-risk skill does not result in costly turnovers of possession more often than not.

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