miércoles, 26 de diciembre de 2012


When executing one of your passing options you need to consider a range of factors which include:

•          Ensure you have previously scanned for your teammates and opposition positions for more effective decision making.
•          Decide and manoeuvre for correct hand position on ball.
•          Have you got the skill level to achieve the correct pass so there is a high chance of success or are you going for the 50/50 pass?
•          Choosing a target to pass too (supporter/receiver)

Requirements you need to achieve the pass:

o          Speed and weight (direct or floated pass)
o          Height
o          Direction (too the target or just in front so they can run onto it)
o          Distance (long, medium or short pop pass)
o          Body movements, do you open up hips for a pass of distance or engage defender and offload?

You may think that this is going into too much depth about the thinking process and you as a player ‘just go out there and do it’. If you are one of these players, then imagine what you would be capable of if you practiced each individual scenario of pass above, while taking into account all the aspects listed.

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