lunes, 12 de agosto de 2013

INGREDIENTS OF EFFECTIVE KICKING suma a su equipo de colaboradores a Stuart Lierich.

De forma progresiva, las indicaciones de éste experimentado entrenador las iremos traduciendo al idioma español. Su primer aporte es el siguiente:

Our blog adds a new contributing author. Stuart Lierich is an internationally regarded specialist kicking coach who has worked with clubs and programs at all levels of competition in both Australia & Europe. 
His methodology is underpinned by an educational focus on the technical fundamentals of kicking in rugby. Stuart provides a framework to build mechanically sound technique, Whilst in match Continually driving performance excellence through the education of strategy & decision making.

Progressively, indications of SL's we will translate into Spanish.
His first contribution is as follows:

2 Ingredients of Effective Kicking
If a Kick was a Recipe, then here’s two ingredients!
Of course there are many inter-relating factors that govern a kick’s quality of execution regardless of type. No longer is it good enough for coaches to ‘project manage’ kicking drills and expect great results come match day. In order to empower improvements from their players, coaches must get to know the relationship between sound movement principles and great kicking. In the video below I outline two fundamental elements that must be present for an out of hand kick to be effective…..YES only two in this clip, but by paying attention to these will net positive results and a great place to start!

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