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Goal kicking is without a doubt the most poorly performed aspect of coach and player development in rugby. 

Yet, almost no other isolated skill can have such an impact on winning matches. 
From U13 through to Test matches games can be decided on the back of a shot at goal, often after the final siren.

For coaches the impact of improving your goal kickers is simple. 

Better kickers will lead to better results for your entire team.

For players being a better goal kicker allows you to not only help your team but it also helps YOU by improving your contributions and possibly lifting you to a higher team.

The major problem is most coaches and players don't know how to improve their goal kicking and simply spend a bit of time after practice taking shots. THIS IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

That's why we have teamed up with Stuart Lierich from the Rugby Kicking Institute to change all of that. 

Stuart as developed an exclusive place kicking practise session us and you can get your hands on it right here 
http://www.rugbycoaching.org/rugbyandfitness1 and next to this project adds www.rugbyandfitness.com

Take advantage of launch pricing and pick this up for a mere $15 but only until Sunday.

Video link: 

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