sábado, 28 de mayo de 2011

One million fans can't be wrong

Martin Snedden reflects on what he has learned about social media and celebrates RWC reaching the one million fan milestone on Facebook...

Well, almost 18 months on since we launched our first social media platforms and I have to confess that I am still none the wiser. Terminology such as Likes, Tweets and Check-ins are still a foreign language to me.
I have however enjoyed watching the growth of these communities and even take a peek from time to time to observe the fantastic conversations that are happening online.
To be honest, when we launched these platforms back in September 2009 on our Two Years to Go milestone (doesn’t that now seem an age ago), we had little certainty around their value. Now that value is undeniable.
We have just passed the mark of one million fans on our Facebook page, have had over 1.5 million views of our video content published on YouTube and are followed by over 26,000 fans on Twitter.
In addition, Facebook is the number one driver of traffic to our ticketing website outside of search engines.
But more impressive than reaching this magic number is the way in which these fans engage with the Tournament using social media by adding their comments and questions; and also how they use the page to connect with other fans from all over the world.
It’s great to see fans from all corners, as well as Kiwis, giving their recommendations for places for fans to visit whilst in New Zealand. Not to mention all the banter about who is going to win! I can’t wait to see how this conversation develops as we move closer to the Tournament.
Through these channels we get to be a part of the build up to RWC 2011 alongside our fans, hearing their stories and experiences. To mark our one million fan milestone, we ran a competition to find RWC 2011’s Biggest Fan. The winning entry really touched me and highlights just how special this Tournament is for our fans.


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