viernes, 5 de septiembre de 2014


Rugby Tonight have come up with another top quality masterclass video as we get a chance to learn from a legend, with Brian O'Driscoll talking Austin Healey through the best way to defend the breakdown in the midfield, or indeed in any tackle situation.
It's roughly seven minutes that are well worth watching, as the recently retired Ireland and Leinster legend uses his extensive playing experience at the highest level to go through exactly what takes place in various situations, and how to deal with it.
"It's a matter of trying to bend your legs, use the player as leverage to try and get down into a good position, tuck the head, and wait for those impacts to come," explains O'Driscoll.
He's also quick to point out that referees these days aren't too happy about players simply placing their hands on the ball to try and get the turnover. You need to actually make an effort to grab it. 
"Referees a lot of the time now aren't happy with you just going for the ball and kind of pretending to hold it in. You have to have an effort to try and pull it away from the opposition. Once they see the attacker holding on, they'll give you a penalty," he added.
When watching, you get the feeling that you could listen to him for hours and never get bored, as with all rugby legends. This is definitely one to share with your friends, kids and coaches.
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