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Preseason can be used to achieve any fitness goal:

-  Increase muscle strength and tone
- Combine strength and movement training
- Improve balance and flexibility
- Increase strength and power
- Burn calories and reduce body fat
For example your team can use ViPR for the four pillars of human movement: gravity-into-ground loading, stretch-to-shorten, multi-directional movement, and using the entire body for movement. 
Training with ViPR’s whole-body integration programming (WBI) allows the body to perform in a multi-directional fashion. ViPR allows movement to be loaded (variable load transfer), allowing a positive transfer into life’s activities and physical demands.
ViPR also integrates seamlessly with existing club tools, such as BOSU, TRX, benches, step and speed ladders. The special design enables it to be used inside and out – with elite athletes and beginners alike.  ViPR requires no maintenance and can be easily stored away.
ViPR fuses the functionality of seven tools – barbell, dumbbell, Kettlebell, stability ball, medicine ball, balance devices and speed ladders – together, creating a huge “Swiss Army knife” programming potential.
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